Hello, Friends
of Rasmussen Farms

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you, and to our past employees, for your support over the past nearly 50 years.

We are retired now, and have listed the farm for sale. The listing realtor is Denise McCravey at Gorge Property. Her telephone number is (541) 387-6700, email Denise@GorgeProperty.com. Contact Denise to schedule an appointment to view the property. Scan the QR Code or click on the link below Lynn and Dollie's picture to view photos of the property.

Please check this page again. We'll keep you informed of any important information.

Please do not use our old telephone numbers. They no longer are active at the farm.

Lynn and Dollie Rasmussen



Have a Wedding or other Special Event on your calendar this year?
Consider the Historic Pine Grove Methodist Church.

Take the scenic route to the Farm up Eastside Rd passed Panoramic Point
and the Historic Pine Grove Church. (Click Here)

2015 Rasmussen Farms